About us


Manufacturer of spring water – present on the market for over 10 years. The company is located in the town of Ruda-Huta (province of Lublin), within the ecologically pure area, only several kilometres away from the Polish-Ukrainian border – the border of the European Union.

Around the company’s headquarters there are pine forests growing on sandy soil. The advantages of this region – the Land of Lublin Polesie – are unspoilt nature and lack of industry. To the North stretches the Poleski Landscape Park, dominated by the plains of mire and mineral (sandy) accumulation. Here there are swampy forests, meadows, open wetlands. It is home to numerous animal species.
The local attraction is an English oak Bolko, a mighty tree, whose age was estimated to be approx. 600 years.

A land so perfectly clean ecologically can be a source of only a truly unique water – Baby Zdrój.