Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about Baby Zdrój water.

Is water for infants also suitable for pregnant women, children and the elderly people?

Answer: Baby Zdrój water is intended for infants, but its original composition and purity are ideal for both parents planning children, pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers, children at any age, elderly people, as well as people requiring low-sodium diet


Is Baby Zdrój water suitable for every-day use in the low-sodium diet?

Answer: Yes, definitely, and with no quantitative restrictions. Baby Zdrój water has a trace amount of sodium – 1,25mg/l. For comparison, the regulation allows consumption of tap water containing 250mg/l of sodium. The norm for infants was set at <20mg/l.


Can tap water after boiling it be given to the infant?

Answer: Before you decide to serve tap water to your child, it would be good to ask the management of your water supply network for the access to physical and chemical test results. There are places where water is of better quality, e.g. oligoacene; however, left for longer than 12 hours in a room temperature can be a health hazard, because bacteria and algae multiply in it easily. It is necessary to remember about what types of pipes are used to transport water and which year they were laid. Many transmission pipes are still of old construction, i.e. in their structure they have dangerous for health asbestos and lead. Tap water is secured against various kinds of microbiological contamination by chlorination. Contrary to popular belief, hazardous to health chloride does not evaporate during boiling. Boiling makes water evaporate, and the concentration of chlorine and nitrates increases.

For comparison, Baby Zdrój has:

Nitrites – 4 x less than the limit values for the waters for infants and 20 x less than norms of tap water;

Nitrates – 11 x less than the limit values for the waters for infants and 57 x less than norms of tap water;

Fluorides – 4 x less than the limit values for the waters for infants and 30 x less than norms of tap water;

Sodium – 16 x less than the limit values for the waters for infants and 160 x less than norms of tap water.

These are just some of the parameters of water showing the differences. The choice belongs to parents.

Should Baby Zdrój be boiled?

Answer: Baby Zdrój spring water does not require boiling, like most good quality waters. It should be remembered to store Baby Zdrój after opening in accordance with the recommendations, i.e. in a cool and dark place up to 72 hours.


Can Baby Zdrój water be given to a child below 6 months of age?

Answer: Of course. Baby Zdrój water is suitable for children from the first days of life. It is necessary to remember, however, that there is no need to give extra drinks to infants up to 6 months of age, who are breast-fed only. However, if the child is in a hot environment, is restless, passes little urine, it should be given water and medical advice should be sought.